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website pricing

Web Sites(small jobs) ... $500-$1,500

Commercial Web Sites Start at $1700

Blog Design & Creation start at $1000

Mobi Design starts at $1000

Programming ... $47/hour

*Monthly Maintenance is estimated at our hourly rate of $47.

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Website Design

Website Designers, whether for business or personal we can design the page that will fit your website needs.

If your need is strictly for a business website, we can create the design for you that will attract and bring in new customers. A properly designed website in this economy whether you are a large or small company will give you the edge over your competitor and bring in commerce. We have years of experience in developing websites that obtain results.

Our creative graphics and animations will attract your customers with well designed pages that will help to enhance your on-line presence. We will design a new site or help to redesign and maintain a current site. If desired by you, we will host and optimize your site, making it highly visible on the search engines.

Blog Design & Creation

Have an idea, "a take" or a opinion that you would like the world to read but don't know how? A blog is the blueprint for you

A graphically captivating Blog design will attract your viewers and readers. With your help and ideas, our team will focus on constructing your own unique blog.

Mobi Design

A new market place is the mobile phone or cell phone. It is estimated that millions if not billions will be using their mobile devices for web searches. However, most web pages are not designed for mobile devices. Although, a few mobile devices can truncate (shorten or cut) a web page, it can be and usually is unreadable.

However, the solution is a mobi designed web page. We can design these mobi pages for you which will enroll your business in the mobile web world.

Don't Hesitate! Remember the adage, "The early bird catches the worm ", many businesses have been a success story when they incorporated new ideas or new techniques. Don't be left out and have your competitors beat you to the punch.